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Ellidaardalur Vinir Elliđaárdalsins Hjartađ í Vatnsmýri Ferđafrelsi Gunna and Katrín world trip (in icelandic)

17. jan 2021 - Added some photos from the Thirteenth and updated waterfalls page

10. jan. 2021 - Website might be temporarily inaccessible on 21. jan because of update

4. jan 2021 - Hope you had a merry christmas. Wish you all a Happy new year. Added some fireworks photos among others and updated waterfalls page

1. dec. 2020 - Added photos from walk

7. nov. 2020 - Added few photos

11. oct. 2020 - Added photos from walk on Úlfarsfell

4. oct. 2020 - Added photos from walk in Blikdalur

More is merrier and therefore I have decided that my pages will now be understood by more people since I have decided to have them mostly in English. However a few local pages will be in Icelandic and will be marked accordingly.

These pages contains a lot of links that have accumulated over the years, both old and new. They are always in construction and can contain new stuff like Java, Active-X and other things I like to test. Therefore it is advised to have newest version of webbrowser (Maxthon preferred) to examine them. There will probably be sudden changes now and then when I have time to explore things.

Let me know khr@flakkari.net about things that should be better, new ideas or just something you think I like to know.

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