Photography from 2011 to 2012

Since I take a rather lot of pictures (and some even good one), then you have a change to look at some of them here. They are in jpg format, sorted in timeline from bottom to top and grouped by year of taken, location can be seen if you move your mouse over the picture. Hopefully I will add regularly some pictures.
Photographs here are copyrighted, and can only be used for non-profit if author or origin is mentioned like - ©Kristján Hreinsson or - ©


Fireworks New year's eve Firework New year's eve Pushing the snow away Snowing Cycling in snow Traffic problems Walking with dog in snow Christmas gifts Merry christmas Hallgrimskirkja church on Christmas day Búrfellsgjá Heiðmörk Vikurholt Heiðmörk Hjallar in Heiðmörk Elliðaardalur Kermoafoss in Elliðaardalur Kermoafoss in Elliðaardalur Tree fallen down Ullarfoss in Elliðaardalur Ullarfoss in Elliðaardalur Burfoss in Elliðaardalur Waterfall in Elliðaardalur Goose's strolling in Breiðholt Way down Vatnshlið Looking down on Lambhagi and Sveifluháls On top of Vatnshlið Way up Vatnshlið Walking up Vatnshlið Kleifarvatn and Sveifluhals Vatnshlið Stora-Kongsfell from the road Blafjöll from Stora-Kongsfell Still on way up Stora-Kongsfell Reykjavik from Stora-Kongsfell Way up Stora-Kongsfell Þrihnukar, south of Stora-Kongsfell Walking path and Drottning behind Stora-Kongsfell ahead Walking path to Stora-Kongsfell, Drottning ahead Rock formation Tröllafoss Tröllafoss Tröllafoss Tröllafoss Leirvogsá canyon Path to Tröllafoss, Skálafell in distance Tree in autumn colors Tree in autumn colors

Trip to Malmö Sweden in september

Ringlinie in Malmö museums Inside U3 submarine Inside U3 submarine Airplane in Tekniska og sjöfartens hus Tekniska og sjöfartens hus Inside Malmöhus castle Malmöhus castle Stortorget Way guide at Gustav Adolfs torg Shopping street Statue at Triangeln square Shopping street Möllevangstorget Fountain at Opera house Trees in Slottsparken Bird in Slottsparken Tree in Slottsparken Fighting for food Bird in Slottsparken Turning torso Lighthouse Lighthouse and Turning torso Walking bridge, Lighthouse and Turning torso Stadshuset - city hall Fountain in Lilla torg Top of Radhuset St Petri kyrka church Öresund bridge

From Ingholl on Ingholfsfjall, looking over the top From Ingolfsfjall, summerhouses in Grimsnes From Ingolfsfjall, Burfell From Ingolfsfjall, Grimsnes, Vörðufell and Hekla On way up Ingolfsfjall Me on Ingolfsfjall Way up Ingolfsfjall along Miðmundagil

Trip to Þorsmörk and Skaftafell in august

Skogafoss Walking path by Skogafoss Dverghamrar Fjallsarlon Fjallsjökull Fjallsjökull Fjallsarlon Iceberg in Fjallsarlon Icebergs in Fjallsarlon Sea waves breaking down ice Jökulsarlon beach ful of ice Jökulsarlon beach ful of ice Great skua (Skúmur) in car parking Arctic tern (Kría) fishing Jökulsarlon Jökulsarlon Jökulsarlon Going down to Glama, Skaftafellsjökull behind Looking back On way up Miðfellstindur Morsarjökull Morsarjökull Miðfell Morsarjökull Kristinartindar From Skerholl, Rauðhellrar From Skerholl, Skaftafellsfjöll Kristinartindar Svartifoss Svartifoss Hundafoss Skaftafellsjökull Skaftafellsjökull up close Skaftafellsjökull from distance Foss in Siða Foss in Siða Reynisdrangar Vík Puffin (Lundi) flying Puffin (Lundi) flying Puffins (Lundi) Myrdalsjokull At Dyrholaey Arctic tern (Kría) Gullfoss Gullfoss up close Gullfoss Gullfoss Strokkur erupting again Geysir today Strokkur erupting Þingvellir Öxara Þingvellir Flosagja Þingvellir Money-canyon (Peningagjá) Kerið Grimsnes Bus crossing Krossa river Krossa river Evening walk in Basar Evening in Basar Walking bridge across part of Krossa Krossa river Valahnukur Husadalur and Markarfljot in distance Husadalur Langidalur Walking bridga across Krossa Basar Looking over Basar Basar, Langidalur and Husadalur Þorsmork from Kattarhryggir View from Kattarhryggir Hvannargil canyon New lava in canyon Morinsheiði from Heljarkambur Goðaland The volcano Magni Walking path through the new lava The volcano Magni The volcanoes, Magni and Moði Fimmvörðuskali on top of hill Looking towards the volcanoes Baldvinsskali/Fukki and Petursey in distance Fimmvörðuhals, Myrdalsjökull behind Fimmvörðuhals, Eyjafjallajökull behind From Fimmvörðuskali, Balvinsskali/Fukki in center, Skogar in distance Walking up Skogaheidi Waterfall in Skogaa Seljalandsfoss

Vatnaskogur Hvalfell Walking path to Glymur Walking path to Glymur Waterfall near Glymur Waterfall near Glymur Glymur waterfall Glymur waterfall Botnssulur Bruarskörð Waterfall in Bruarskörð Bruarskörð Waterfall in Bruarskörð Waterfall in Bruarskörð Bruarskörð View to Bruarskörð Golden plover (Heiðlóa) Walking to Bruarskörð Bird in a tree Lyklafell in distance from Ok Lyklafell and Prestahnukur from Ok Lyklafell ahead on way to Fanntofell Clouds in Kaldidalur Eiriksjökull from Lambafell/Strutur Draugagil Draugagil, Hallmundarhraun behind Waterfall in Draugagil Start of walk to Draugagil, Eiriksjökull behind Childrens waterfall Hraunfossar Hraunfossar Ertuygla insect

Trip to Fjallabak in july

View from Botnafjoll Laufafell from Botnafjoll Fire Waterfall Walking path to crater near Laufafell Old crater with water in Markarfljot near Laufafell Waterfall in Markarfljot near Laufafell Laufafell Dalakofinn and Markarfljot from above Almost on top Car on way to Krakatindar Mountain at Dalakofinn Dalakofinn Waterfall in Eystri-Ranga In Skogshraun, on road to Fjallabak

Næfurholt and Hekla behind Old houses at Keldur Oystercatcher (Tjaldur) Gluggafoss in Fljotshlið Gluggafoss in Fljotshlið Gluggafoss in Fljotshlið Gluggafoss in Fljotshlið Þorsteinslundur in Fljotshlið Waterfall at Þorsteinslundur in Fljotshlið Þorsteinslundur in Fljotshlið Waterfall at Hliðarendi Clouds at sunset Redwing (Skógarþröstur) Black-taild godwit (Jaðraki) Black-taild godwit (Jaðraki)

Trip to summerhouse in june/july

Repju-fields in Þorvaldseyri The summerhouse Svartahnukar near Eldgja Meadow pipit (Þúfutittlingur) Meadow pipit (Þúfutittlingur) Ofærufoss in Eldgja Ofærufoss in Eldgja Ofærufoss in Eldgja Old avalanche in Eldgja Cliff in Eldgja Meadow pipit (Þúfutittlingur) Meadow pipit (Þúfutittlingur) Eldgja Waterfall in Skaftardalur Skaftardalur Old bridge in Skaftardalur Old bridge in Skaftardalur Waterfall Kirkjubæjarklaustur Horse on a hill Oystercatcher (Tjaldur) Fjadrargljufur Fjadrargljufur Storm petrel (Stormsvala) Storm petrel (Stormsvala) From Hafursey, Hjörleifshöfði Bicycle and Hafursey On way to Hafursey Fjaðrargljufur Fagrifoss on way to Laki Fagrifoss on way to Laki Curious sheep Sheeps going home From Alftaver, Hjörleifshöfði in distance

On top of Armannsfell Fanntofell and Ok from Armannsfell Burfell from Armannsfell Still on way up Armannsfell Still on way up Armannsfell Botnssulur from Armannsfell Þingvallavatn from Armannnsfell Armannsfell at Þingvellir On way up Armannsfell Start of walk at Armannsfell Old driveway in Skogarkot in Þingvellir Old ruins in Skogarkot in Þingvellir Armannsfell from Skogarkot Þingvellir around midnight Old fence in Hrauntun Þingvellir Older pinus (Fura) Newly planted Pinus cembra (Lindifura) The moon The moon Barbecue Goose's taking off Goose's family Burfoss, waterfall in Ellidaa Rafstöðvarvegur, road in Ellidaardalur Dam station house in Ellidaardalur

Flight day in Reykjavik in may

TF-JMS low pass Catalina landing Catalina and TF-NPK fly by TF-MYX Beech B200 Super king air fly by Viewers at Perlan TF-JMS Fokker 50 taxiing TF-NPK takeoff Catalina vertical Catalina fly over Catalina fly by G-PBYA Canadian Vickers PBV-1A Canso Catalina takeoff TF-NPK Douglas DC-3 Dakota taxiing TF-TOP Pitts S-2B special aerobatic TF-ORD on final TF-CCB Yakolev Yak-55 aerobatic Motor glider TF-BWH Eurocopter AS350B2 Ecureuil TF-BLU Pitts M12 aerobatic TF-SIF fly by TF-GNA Eurocopter AS-332L1 Super puma TF-BAY icelandic privately built TF-GNA and TF-HDI Agusta AB-206B Jetranger II TF-JMK landing and TF-GNA hovering TF-JMK De Haviland Canada DHC-8-202Q Dash-8 on final TF-SIF Dash-8-Q300 low pass TF-JMR Fokker 50 on final Icelandic coast guard TF-SIF and TF-GNA Two Piper cubs TF-CUP and TF-PAC TF-ORD BAe-3102 Jetstream from Eagle air (Ernir) taxiing

Redwing (Skógarþröstur) White wagtail (Mariuerla) Skeggi ahead Nesjavellir, Þingvallavatn in distance On way to Skeggi, Mosfellsheidi in distance Walking path to Skeggi Walking path to Skeggi Skeggi in Nesjavellir Start of walking to Skeggi Gull (Máfur) Trees in Heiðmörk Tree in Heiðmörk Trees in Heiðmörk From Heiðmörk Redwing (Skógarþröstur) In Nautholsvik Betwwen Hringbraut At Hlemmur Reykjavik harbour At Ingolfstorg / Hallo Bicycling on Suðurgata In Hljomskalagarður Traffic jam Trees in Selskogur Walking path Way down Þorbjörn and Selskogur Grindavik from Þorbjörn Glaucous gull (Hvítmáfur) on Þorbjörn Rock formation on Þorbjörn Antennas on Þorbjörn Looking around on Þorbjörn Looking around on Þorbjörn Blue lagoon from Þorbjörn Looking around on Þorbjörn Way up Þorbjörn from parking Way down from Stori-Meitill beside Stakahnuk Evaporation on Stori-Meitill Litli-Meitill, Litla-Sandfell and Geitafell from Stori-Meitill Stakihnukur and Lambafell from Stori-Meitill Hveradalir from Stori-Meitill The crater in Stori-Meitill and Skalafell behind Walking up the edge on Stori-Meitill Edges of the crater on Stori-Meitill and Skalafell behind And still on way up Stori-Meitill Litli-Meitill from Stori-Meitill Still on way up to Stori-Meitill On way up to Stori-Meitill Way up in Storihvammur From Stakahnuk Storihvammur in distance Traffic at Kringlumyrarbraut Traffic at Kringlumyrarbraut, Kopavogur behind Walking and bicycle path Have a seat at Nautholsvik Skeljanes and Nautholsvik Beach off Ægissida Redwing (Skógarþröstur) Redwing (Skógarþröstur) Trees below Litli-Meitill Litli-Meitill Eldborg and Skalafell in distance Still on way up Litli-Meitill Litla-Sandfell and Geitafell behind Skalafell from Litli-Meitill On way up Litli-Meitill Way up Litli-Meitill Esja from Heidmörk Bent tree in Heidmörk Small tree in Heidmörk Fence in water Mallards (Stokkönd) flying Storhofdi near Hafnarfjordur Hafnarfjordur from Storhofdi Almost on top of Storhofdi Ravens (Hrafn) flying around Walking path up Storhofdi People on horses near Storhofdi Newly planted trees Walking path along Storhofdi Walking path to Storhofdi Snow on tree Icicle (Grýlukerti) Icicle (Grýlukerti) Snow on tree Tree in winter Tree in winter Ingolfsfjall Tree in winter Sogid Grimsnes Burfell Grimsnes Breiðholt I Walking path between Breiðholt III and I Walking path in Breiðholt III Breiðholt III Breiðholt III Breiðholt III Alftavatn Grimsnes Have a seat! Road to summerhouse Burfell Grimsnes Road to summerhouse Road to summerhouse Winter in Reykjavik Winter in Reykjavik Winter in Reykjavik Winter in Reykjavik


Winter traffic Snowing at Christmas Ski area in Blafjöll Ski walking area in Sudurgil in Blafjöll Ski walking area Ski walking Kristjansdalir Helgafell from Kristjansdalahorn Way up to Kristjansdalahorn Grimsnes and Ingolfsfjall behind Tree in sommerhouse Leaves Tree Traffic on Reykjanesbraut Walking path in Ellidaardalur Kermoafoss in Ellidaardalur Ellidaardalur Dam in Ellidaardalur Walking path in Breidholt Breidholt Protest at Althingi Protest at Althingi Eldborg in Blafjoll Drottning in Blafjoll Walking path between Drottning and Stora-Kongsfell Eldborg seen from Drottning Moon and trees

Day trip to Reykjanes in september

Light night (Ljósanótt) in Keflavik Light night (Ljósanótt) in Keflavik Light night (Ljósanótt) in Keflavik Reykjanes lighthouse Karlinn (the man) at sunset Seashore at Reykjanes Skarfasetur (Cormorant place) Gannet (Súla) Ship sailing by Eldey Valbjargargja and Reykjanesta in distance Karlinn (the man) at Reykjanes Gunnuhver and Reykjanesvirkjun further Gunnuhver and Reykjanes lighthouse in behind Gunnuhver Krysuvikurbjarg Heidnaberg Heidnaberg Seltun Krysuvik Seltun Krysuvik Steam at Kleifarvatn Rainbow at Kleifarvatn

Reykjavik harbour Downtown Reykjavik Downtown Reykjavik Fireworks in Reykjavik Fireworks in Reykjavik Fireworks in Reykjavik Fireworks in Reykjavik Fireworks in Reykjavik

Trip to eastern part of Iceland in august

Selfoss Dettifoss Dettifoss Dettifoss Driving into clouds Mountains in Borgarfjordur eystri, Hvítserkur to right in clouds Walking path down Grjotdalur and Borgarfjordur eystri in distance Grjotdalur Dyrfjöll from Grjotdalur Dyrfjöll from Grjotdalur Vatnsskard and Heradsfloi in distance from Dyrfjalladal Dyrfjöll in fog Walking path and Dyrfjöll in Dyrfjalladalur Walking path in fog in Dyrfjalladalur Sulur in fog seen from Dyrfjalladalur Dyrfjöll Storurd Walking path from Storurd to Borgarfjördur Storurd and Dyrfjöll Storurd Storurd Storurd and Dyrfjöll Storurd Dyrfjöll from Urdardalur Walking path in Urdardalur and Dyrfjöll Walking path in Urdardalur Walking path along Langahlid into Urdardalur Walking path along Langahlid Walking path along Rjupnafell Walking path along Rjupnafell Rjupnafell, beginning of walk to Storurd Dyrfjöll from Heradssandur Helgustadanama, calcite quarry Gunnar at Skriduklaustur Skriduklaustur Hallormsstadur Hallormsstadur White wagtail (Mariuerla) Dyjafjall in Hellisheidi eystri Dyjafjall Heradsfloi Dyjafjall Mulakollur Dyjafjall in Hellisheidi eystri Duck in Vastdalseyri Duck's in Vastdalseyri Gooses in Vastdalseyri Vastdalseyri in Seydisfjördur Fjardara, Seydisfjördur in distance Fardagafoss in Fjardarheidi Alftafjördur Jökulsarlon

White wagtail (Maríuerla) White wagtail (Maríuerla)

Walking trip in Skaftafell in july

Svartifoss Skeidararsandur and bridge across Skeidara Skaftafellsjökull glacier Hvannadalshnukur Skaftafellsjökull glacier Skaftafellsjökull glacier Hvannadalshnukur Lomagnupur Skeidararjökull glacier and Sulutindar in distance Morsarlon and Morsarjökull glacier Waterfall in Svarthamrar Waterfall in Morsarjökull glacier Evaporation in Morsardal Morsarjökull glacier Morsarlon and Morsarjökull glacier Morsarlon and Morsarjökull glacier Small river in Morsardal Morsardalur and walking bridge across Morsa river

Road closed - Temporary bridge at Mulakvisl Mulakvisl Raining Hjalparfoss Gjain in Þjorsardalur Gjain in Þjorsardalur Waterfall in Gjain in Þjorsardalur Haifoss from Stangarfjall Stangarfjall in Þjorsardalur Mist in Þjorsardalur Stangarfjall to the right and above the house Lyklafell in Kaldidalur Lyklafell in Kaldidalur Kaldidalur, Prestahnukur and Hadegisfell Langjökull glacier Kaldidalur, Hafrafell and Langjökull in distance

Trip to Vestfjörd and Borgarfjördur in july

Skessuhorn and Skardsheidi Trees in Varmaland Trees in Varmaland Camping site in Varmaland Deildartunguhver, hot spring in Borgarfjördur Kroksfjardarnes Seals at Buðarnes Raggagardur in Sudavik Skalavik Snæfjallastrond from Bolafjall Tjörubordid restaurant Isafjordur Artic tern (Kría) in Holt Önundarfjördur Artic tern (Kría) in Holt Önundarfjördur Keravik at Sudureyri Keravik at Sudureyri Bunarfoss in Tungudalur Isafjord Trees in Tungudalur Isafjord Camping site in Tungudalur Isafjord New bridge at Mjoifjordur

Skalafell from Lambafell Hellisheidi from Lambafell On the way up Lambafell Lambafell in Þrengsli from east side Skálafell Hellisheidi Valley on the way to Skálafell Skálafell in distance Reykjavik from Hellisheidi Sunset from Hellisheidi At Laugar in Sælingsdal Memorial of Jón from Ljarskogar in center, then Hvammsfjordur and Snæfellsnes in distance Hvammsfjordur Common snipe (Hrossagaukur) flying Ash cloud at Ingolfsfjall from Grimsvotn volcano Clouds from Grimsvotn volcano seen from Grimsnes Clouds from Grimsvotn volcano seen from Grimsnes Tree in summerhouse close-up Arnarfell and Þingvallavatn behind Going east on Arnarfell Arnarfell on the way up Looking east at southside of Arnarfell Arnarfell at Þingvellir Solfar downtown Reykjavik Glass in Harpa's music hall Harpa seen from Arnarholl Tree in summerhouse Lights in summerhouse Ski walking in Heidmörk Hellisheidi power station in Hamragil Husmuli in Hveradalir Ski walking in Heidmörk Ski walking in Heidmörk From Sveifluhals, Lambhagi and Vatnshlid Sveifluhals towards Hellutind Reykjavik from Ulfarsfell Esja from Ulfarsfell Reykjavik from Ulfarsfell Trees in summerhouse
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