Photography from 2013 to 2014

Since I take a rather lot of pictures (and some even good one), then you have a change to look at some of them here. They are in jpg format, sorted in timeline from bottom to top and grouped by year of taken, location can be seen if you move your mouse over the picture. Hopefully I will add regularly some pictures.
Photographs here are copyrighted, and can only be used for non-profit if author or origin is mentioned like - ©Kristjßn Hreinsson or - ©


Fireworks at New years eve Fireworks at New years eve Fireworks at New years eve Looking over Elli­avatn Stars at New years eve Alftavatn and Ingolfsfjall Tree heavy from snow Summerhouse in winter Winter in Ůrastaskog Look towards Ingolfsfjall Two modes of transport Reykjavik pond and Hallgrimskirkja above Downtown Reykjavik and Esja Winter in Brei­holt Christmas lights Winter in Brei­holt Ravens (Hrafn) ١rufoss in Laxß in Kjˇs Helgufoss in KaldakvÝsl ┴lafoss in Varmß Helgafell Grindask÷r­ part of Selvogsgata and Safe house Looking back from Grindask÷r­ Way up Grindask÷r­, less visibility Way up Grindask÷r­ Waterfall in Fossß Fossßrdalur and Hvalfj÷r­ur Migandifoss in Fossß frozen Trees in Fossßrdal Waterfall in Fossß Fossßrdalur Hvalfj÷r­ First snow causes traffic The moon Mist sunset in Reykjavik, lights on Mist sunset in Reykjavik Art in Brei­holt Grey-lag goose (GrßgŠs) on one leg ┴rt˙nsholt and Esja Elli­aßrdalur, ┴rt˙nsholt and Esja Kermoafoss Elli­aardal Mallard (Stokk÷nd) Starling (Stari) hanging on a straw Whooper swan (┴lftir) Mallard (Stokk÷nd) ArbŠr museum Trees in Elli­aßrdalur Reykjavik from Brei­holt Street in Brei­holt Gull (Mßfur) Trees in autumn color Kringlumyrarbraut from bridge Bridge across Kringlumyrarbraut Electricity lines in Elli­avatnshei­i Path in Hei­m÷rk Bicycle and path in Hei­m÷rk Trees in Hei­m÷rk Trees in Hei­m÷rk Tree in Hei­m÷rk Path in Hei­m÷rk Road in Hei­m÷rk Hei­m÷rk and Reykjavik in distance Elli­avatn and Kˇpavogur Hˇlmsß and Hei­m÷rk Gulls (Mßfur) at Stafnes Turnstone (Tildra) at Stafnes Turnstone (Tildra) at Stafnes Redshank (Stelkur) at Stafnes Redshank (Stelkur) at Stafnes Gannet (S˙la) at Stafnes Boat at Stafnes Shore at Stafnes Lighthouse at Stafnes Boat at Hvalsnes Church at Hvalsnes New lighthouse, boat and a museum at Gar­skaga Gull (Mßfur) at Gar­skaga Gull (Mßfur) at Gar­skaga Manx shearwater (Skrofa) at Gar­skaga Cormorant (DÝlaskarfur) at Gar­skaga Old ligthouse on Gar­skaga Books Fireworks at Cultural evening (Menningarnˇtt) Fireworks at Cultural evening (Menningarnˇtt) Fireworks at Cultural evening (Menningarnˇtt) Fireworks at Cultural evening (Menningarnˇtt) Downtown at Cultural evening (Menningarnˇtt) Fish in Sjßvarfoss in Elli­aß Sjßvarfoss in Elli­aß Painting Camp fire Camp fire Red berries Contrails

Trip to Myvatn and Asbyrgi in july

Hˇlavatn Hˇlavatn Tree in water Sverrir Hermannsson sundry collection Sverrir Hermannsson sundry collection Waterfall in Reykß Waterfall in Reykß Sunset in Hrafnagil Sunset at S˙lur in Hrafnagil Aldeyjarfoss Basalt columns in Aldeyjarfoss Ullarfoss in Svartß Waterfall in Bßr­ardal Path in Fossselsskˇgur Fossselsskˇgur Kvennabrekka in Fossselsskˇgur Skjßlfandafljˇt at Ůingey Skeifarfoss Northern wheatear (Steindepill) Tungulending and Lundey Hallbjarnarsta­aß Mßnarbakki museum Mßnarbakki museum Duck in Botnstj÷rn Duck in Botnstj÷rn Looking out of ┴sbyrgi Botnstj÷rn Redwing (Skˇgar■r÷stur) Flower and Hˇlmß Waterfalls in trees Urri­afossar in Melbugsß Melbugsß VÝgabjarg Flowing into Katlar Katlar Former VÝgabjargsfoss and VÝgabjarg behind Former VÝgabjargsfoss Flowing into J÷kulsß Flowing into J÷kulsß Urri­afossar in Melbugsß Melbugsß Urri­afossar in Melbugsß Golden plower (Hei­lˇa) Botnstj÷rn and Klappir ┴sbyrgi from above Botnstj÷rn from above Flower in water KvÝar, Rau­hˇlar in distance Rau­hˇlar Rau­hˇlar Way up Rau­hˇlar Hljˇ­aklettar Basalt columns in Hljˇ­aklettar Rocks in Hljˇ­aklettar Church in Hljˇ­aklettar In Hljˇ­aklettar ┴stj÷rn Sunset in ┴sh÷f­i Walking path to camping site Way down in Tˇfugjß Redwing (Skˇgar■r÷stur) Stairway up in Tˇfugjß Gull flying Waving at Kˇpasker Narrow walking path Flowing into J÷kulsß Rau­hˇll Hafragil canyon Hafragilsfoss from above Selfoss Formation at Selfoss Selfoss Selfoss ahead Dettifoss and Selfoss in distance Dettifoss Dettifoss up close Bridge over J÷kulsß on Fj÷llum at ┴sbyrgi Karl og kerling Lambahvammur Basalt columns in Stallar Stallß Stallß Hˇlmßrfossar Hˇlmßrfossar Hˇlmß and bridge Melbugsß in Hˇlmatungur Melbugsß in Hˇlmatungur RÚttarfoss Hafragilsfoss Rivers joins glacial river Hafragil canyon Basalt columns (Stu­laberg) in Hafragil Rivers meet in Hafragil Walking path in Hrafnagil Rock formation in Hafragil Walking path in Hrafnagil Rocks in Hafragil Hafragilsfoss Hafragilsfoss In Fossundirlendi Climbing down to Hafragil Climbing down to Hafragil On way to Hafragil On way to Hafragil Dettifoss Dettifoss Sunset in ┴sbyrgi Vesturbyrgi from Eyjan Sunset in Íxarfj÷r­ur ┴sbyrgi from Eyjan H˙savÝk harbour Whale in Whale museum Laxßrvirkjun hydropower station / Br˙arfossar Hˇlasandur (grass) and Hˇlsfj÷ll Tree in Hˇlasandur ReykjahlÝ­ and Hverfell Mřvatn and Blßfjall Duck in grass Sigurgeirs bird museum Ůrengslaborgir Ůrengslaborgir Ludentarborgir Ludentarborgir Old crater next to Krˇkˇttuv÷tn Leirhnj˙kur in center and lava from Ytri-Bjarghˇll Hverfell, Blßfjall and Sellandafjall from Sau­ahnj˙k GrŠnifl÷tur and Sau­ahnj˙kur LangahlÝ­ and HlÝ­arfjall Red-necked phalarope (Ë­inshani) Klasar Klasar Klasar Rˇfuger­ishˇll Ducks in grass Slavonian grebe (Flˇrgo­i) Ducks swimming Redwing (Skˇgar■r÷stur) Snow bunung (Snjˇtittlingur) Snow bunung (Snjˇtittlingur) Duck swimming Duck swimming Duck swimming Ytri-Kleifarhˇll Rˇfuger­ishˇll Grjˇtagjß outside Water in Grjˇtagjß Hot pond in Leirhnj˙k Leirhnj˙kur and lava Leirhnj˙kur, Hˇfur and Rau­kollur Lava from Leirhnj˙k Lava from Leirhnj˙k Colourful lava from Leirhnj˙k Lava from Leirhnj˙k Lava from Leirhnj˙k Steam in Leirhnj˙k Hˇfur Ice in VÝti Formations in VÝti Pond next to VÝti VÝti Rocks in VÝti VÝti VÝti, Blßfjall and Sellandafjall in distance VÝti Krafla

Reynisvatnshei­i, ┌lfarsfell and Esja further Endless hill Rau­avatn Trees in summerhouse Trees in summerhouse Nor­urhßlsar and Lakakrˇkar Skßlafell Hellishei­i and Reykjafell / Hengill Nor­urhßlsar and Skßlafell Reynisvatnshei­i Geldinganes Art in Grafarvogur and Esja behind Sunset in Elli­aßrdal Spring arriving Newly waxed Stori-Dimon Way down off Stori-Dimon Burfell and Ingolfsfjall from Stori-Dimon On top of Stori-Dimon Stori-Dimon and Kalfstindar behind Top of Litli-Meitill Laser attack !! Way up Litli-Meitill Walking path on Litli-Meitill Downtown from Harpa Harbour from Harpa Tree in Ellidaardal Kermoafoss in Ellidaardal Kermoafoss in Ellidaardal Correct zebra crossing in Brei­holt Intersection in Brei­holt FabLab in Brei­holt Brei­holt Kermoafoss Elli­aardal Forest in Artunsholt Burfoss Elli­aardal Reykjavik in distance Ulfarsfell and Reykjavik Silungatj÷rn, Grimannsfell and Esja Mosfellshei­i and Hengill Elli­avatn Icy walking path Flower at Elli­avatn Icy walking path Airplane and the moon Elli­avatn lake Kopavogur and Vatnsendi Icy road and Elli­aarvatn Elli­aardalur Icy walking path Icy walking path Trees in Elli­aardalur Walking in Brei­holt New years eve New years eve New years eve


Elli­aa in Elli­aardalur Walking path in Elli­aardalur Elli­aa and walking path in Elli­aardalur Old different bottle caps L÷ngubrekkur in Hei­m÷rk Keilir from Hei­m÷rk Einihli­ar and Ůjo­hati­arlundur in Hei­m÷rk Blafj÷ll from Hei­m÷rk Reykjavik and Esja from Hei­m÷rk Kopavogur and Esja from Hei­m÷rk Tree in Einihli­ in Hei­m÷rk Sunset in Reykjavik Ulfarsardal and Grafarholt in Reykjavik Flying in Reykjavik Reykjavik from above Bauhaus Walking bridge over Elli­aarvog Redwing (Skˇgar■r÷stur) Common redpoll (Au­nutittlingur) Common redpoll (Au­nutittlingur) Common redpoll (Au­nutittlingur) Common redpoll (Au­nutittlingur) Common redpoll (Au­nutittlingur) Common redpoll (Au­nutittlingur) Autumn colors Drops on tree Sunset Sunset SjßvarrÚtt and Sjßvarfoss Brynjudalur and Hvalfj÷r­ur Skarhagafoss Ůrßndarsta­afoss Glymur from M˙lafjall M˙lafjall and Botnss˙lur End of Brynjudalur and Botnss˙lur Brynjudalsskˇgur forest White wagtail (MarÝuerla) Wasp hole (Geitungab˙) Singing in Vatnaskˇgur Eyrarvatn Reykjadalur Hverager­i and Kambar Reykjadalur Hverager­i Green river Walking path Reykjadalur Bathing in Reykjadalur Mud pool Reykjadalur Walking path Reykjadalur Dj˙pagilsß Reykjadal Walking path Reykjadalur Grass pond in Reykjadalur Pond in Reykjadalur Green pond in Reykjadalur Black-tailed godwit (Ja­raki) Wasp hole (Geitungab˙)

Trip to SnŠfellsnes in july

Valshamarsß Setbergsß Setbergsß ┴lftafj÷r­ur Church at Helgafell from top of Helgafell Hraunsfj÷r­ur Shark museum in Bjarnarh÷fn Road in Kolgrafafj÷r­ur Bicycle in Kolgrafafj÷r­ur Kolgrafafj÷r­ur Kirkjufellsfoss Rj˙kandi and Tindfell Sjßvarfoss and ËlafsvÝk BŠjarfoss Sv÷­ufoss and SnŠfellsj÷kull Sv÷­ufoss Kerlingarfoss Arctic tern (KrÝa) Arctic tern (KrÝa) Arctic tern (KrÝa) Arctic tern (KrÝa) Sea museum Hellissand Saxhˇlabjarg / Sv÷rtuloft Brünnisch guillemot (Stuttnefja) Saxhˇlabjarg / Sv÷rtuloft Fßlki well Índver­arnes ═rskra brunnur B˙rfell surrounded by fog Snekkjufoss Klukkufoss Vatnshellir Stalactite (Dropasteinar) in Vatnshellir Vatnshellir DritvÝk Dj˙palˇnssandur Dj˙palˇnssandur and SnŠfellsj÷kull Dj˙palˇn in Dj˙palˇnssandur Lˇndrangar from Malarrif Lˇndrangar from Ů˙fubjarg Arctic tern (KrÝa) Arnarstapi at Gatklett Arnarstapi Arnarstapi Raven (Hrafn) Arnarstapi Arctic tern (KrÝa) Bßr­ur SnŠfellsßs Arctic tern (KrÝa) Rocks at Arnarstapi Gulls at Arnarstapi Gull (Mßvur) Waterfall Arnarstapi S÷nghellir In Rau­feldsgjß In Rau­feldsgjß Rau­feldsgjß Black-tailed godwit (Ja­raki) Klettsgata and B˙­aklettur Bjarnarfoss Kßlfßfoss Ílkelda Berserkjahraun from Horn Horn On way to Horn Fossß at Selvallavatn Fossß at Selvallavatn Selvallavatn and Berserkjahraun Rj˙kandi Rj˙kandi Rj˙kandi Rau­amels÷lkelda Waterfall at Rau­amels÷lkelda Waterfall at Rau­amels÷lkelda At Rau­amels÷lkelda - Locked or not locked? Ger­uberg Ger­uberg Ger­uberg Sheep Gullborgarhraun Sy­ri-Rau­amelsk˙lur Rau­hßlsar Rau­hßlsar HlÝ­arvatn and Hn˙kar HlÝ­arvatn and Ůverfell HlÝ­arvatn and Hn˙kar Grass in water HlÝ­arvatn seen from Dj˙padal Hafurssta­ir at end of HlÝ­arvatn Br˙arfoss and Fagraskˇgarfjall behind Langßrfoss

Helgafell and Reykjavik in distance Mist on Helgafell Helgafell Tree in summerhouse Ptarmigan (Rj˙pa) Looking south from Skˇgß bridge Skˇgß bridge Skˇgß bridge Ne­stifoss and Mi­foss in Skˇgß Waterfall Nr. 17 in Skˇgß Fremri-Fellsfoss and Innri-Fellsfoss in Skˇgß Skˇgß river Hestava­sfoss in Skˇgß Stairs at Skˇgafoss Br˙arhl÷­ in HvÝtß Br˙arhl÷­ in HvÝtß Tungufljot above Gullfoss Tungufljot above Gullfoss Small bridge over Tungufljot Small bridge over Tungufljot Arctic tern (KrÝa) Irafoss and dam Ljosifoss and dam Ljosifoss and dam Tungu river Tungufoss Tungufoss Goose Urri­afoss Northern wheatear (Steindepill) Urri­afoss Urri­afoss Urri­afoss Urri­afoss creek Urri­afoss Urri­afoss and bridge Urri­afoss End of path !! Path by Hjallar Hei­m÷rk From Kaldarselsveg to Hei­m÷rk Blue Lagoon challenge Blue Lagoon challenge Mouse Redwing (Skˇgar■r÷stur) White wagtail (MarÝuerla) Common redpoll (Au­nutittlingur) Common redpoll (Au­nutittlingur) Tree in summerhouse Tree in summerhouse Trees in summerhouse Path from Fremri-Eldborg Looking into Fremri-Eldborg Innri-Eldborg Fremri-Eldborg Trees at Meitilstagl Geitafell Ingolfsfjall from Geitafell Litla-Sandfell and Meitilstagl from Geitafell Looking at top of Geitafell Way up Geitafell Walking path and Litla-Sandfell behind Eastern part of Geitafell Hei­in hß from Selvogur Hei­in hß from Selvogur Airpane crossing Reykjanes from Arnarfell On top of Arnarfell Arnarfell Sunset and SnŠfellsj÷kull Looking east from Bollar Mosfell and Reykjavik from Bollar Path in snow Path to Kerlingarskar­ Looking back on path to Grindarsk÷r­ and Mosfell Path to Grindarsk÷r­ Elli­avatn South end of Elli­avatn Grotta Birds flying across Grotta Esja in distance Ptarmigan (Rj˙pa) Hestvatn and Hestfjall Hestvatn On Vatnshei­i and Hestfjall View north from Vatnshei­i Burfell from Vatnshei­i Looking toward Hestfjall Southern part of Sveifluhals Looking toward Stapatind Rock on Sveifluhals From Sveifluhals Kleifarvatn and Vatnshli­ Reykjavik from Sveifluhals Hellutindur Sveifluhals Vatnshli­ from Sveifluhals Northern part of Sveifluhals, Helgafell in distance Hveradalir Looking at Gar­stunga from Reykjafell Hellishei­i and Skalafell further Hellishei­i and Ingolfsfjall in distance Hengill from Reykjafell Stori-Meitill from Reykjafell Almost on top of Reykjafell Way up on Reykjafell Way up on Reykjafell Looking back on slope of Reykjafell Ski resort Hveradolum Birds flying over Looking at top of Blakoll From Blakoll Reykjafell in center Skalafell in distance Looking back down Blakoll End of lava, Husmuli and Hengill behind Blakollur from Draugahli­ Way up over Draugahli­ Vifilsfell Sau­adalahnukar from Draugahli­ Blakollur from Draugahli­ On top of Draugahlid Way up Draugahlid Independence party meeting Independence party meeting Elli­avatn
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