Photography from 2023 to today

Since I take a rather lot of pictures (and some even good one), then you have a change to look at some of them here. They are in jpg format, sorted in timeline from bottom to top and grouped by year of taken, location can be seen if you move your mouse over the picture. Hopefully I will add regularly some pictures.
Photographs here are copyrighted, and can only be used for non-profit if author or origin is mentioned like - ©Kristján Hreinsson or - ©


Trip TUI in april

Eyjafjallajökull Jökulsárlón Eider (Ćđarfugl) and Black-headed gull (Hettumáfur) in Jökulsárlón Diamond beach / Jökulsárlón Eider (Ćđarfugl) in Jökulsárlón Snow bunting (Snjótittlingur) in Jökulsárlón Snow bunting (Snjótittlingur) in Jökulsárlón Jökulsárlón Jökulsárlón Lesser black-backed- gull (Sílamáfur) at Fjallsárlón Fjallsárlón Fjallsárlón Common redpoll (Auđnutittlingur) in Skaftafell Hundafoss in Skaftafell Hundafoss in Skaftafell Gull in Dyrhólaey Sunset at Flúđir Brúarhlöđ Gullfoss Gullfoss Gullfoss Redwing (Skógarţröstur) at Geysir Geysir Ţingvellir Hrafnabjörg Gunnuhver

Grótta KEF airport Gullfoss

Trip to Hungary in march/april

Auchan Solymar Stube restaurant Fedasz dental Hero square Hero square Hero square Hero square Vajdahunyad castle Vajdahunyad castle Museum of Ethnography Park at Hero square Museum of Ethnography Museum of Ethnography Museum of Ethnography Vajdahunyad castle Train in Pilisvorosvar Gondola etterem Fedasz dental

Trip Ravin in march

Sólheimajökull Sólheimajökull Waiting at Skógar

Trip Studiosus in march

Gullfoss Gullfoss Gullfoss Bláfell Gullfoss Ice at Seljalandsfoss Seljalandsfoss Reynisfjara Skógafoss Seljalandsfoss far away Puffin Flúđir Ţingvellir Ţingvallavatn Snćfellsjökull Northern lights - a bit moved Snćfellsjökull in distance Hraunfossar in winter Hraunfossar in winter Brákarsund Borgarnes

Trip Studiosus in february and march

Krýsuvík Strokkur Gullfoss Gullfoss Skógafoss Dyrhólaey Dyrhólaey Dyrhólaey and Reynisfjara Dyrhólaey Eldhraun Northern lights at Núpar Jökulsárlón Svínafellsjökull Svínafellsjökull Keldur Skálholt Laugarvatn Ţingvellir Ţingvellir Öxará at Ţingvellir Djúpalón Salthús at Malarrif Malarrif Gerđuberg Gerđuberg

Whale watching Whale watching

Trip Uniko in february

Hallgrímskirkja Wet snow at Jökulsárlón Jökulsárlón Skógafoss Seljalandsfoss Öxará at Ţingvellir Ţingvellir Bjarnarfell at Geysir Mist from Gullfoss

Buses at Geysir Gullfoss Downtown Reykjavík Downtown Reykjavík Lava tunnel / Raufarhólshellir

Walk around Mosfellsbćr in january

Downtown Moso Kjarni Moso Christmas garden Moso Christmas garden Moso Urđarholt

Trip to summerhouse in january

Summerhouse Thick snow on roof Snowy parking lot After cleaning a little After cleaning a little Snow at summerhouse Snow at summerhouse

Trip TUI in january

Icy road in Reykjanes Reynisfjara Reynisfjara New warning signs in Reynisfjara Seljalandsfoss

Last day of christmas - the Thirteenth in Mosfellsbćr

Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Bonfire

Skógafoss Busy at Reynisfjara Snow at Icewear Vík
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