Photography 1990 and older

Since I take a rather lot of pictures (and some even good one), then you have a change to look at some of them here. They are in jpg format, sorted in timeline from bottom to top and by year of taken, location can be seen if you move your mouse over the picture. Hopefully I will add regularly some pictures. There are also some links to photographic material below.
Photographs here are copyrighted, and can only be used for non-profit if author or origin is mentioned like - ©Kristjįn Hreinsson or - ©


Gullfoss Hveravellir Hveravellir


Gošafoss Dettifoss Dettifoss Hljóšaklettar Waterfall in Mjóifjöršur Svartifoss in Skaftafell Hundafoss in Skaftafell Towing across Krossa in Žorsmork Crossing Krossa in Žorsmork


From Žorsmork Langidalur in Žorsmork


Driving in water Concert in Keriš Grķmsnes Geysir


Ófęrufoss in Eldgja Ófęrufoss in Eldgja Seljalandsfoss Reykjavik city celebration 200 years Reykjavik city celebration 200 years


Too much water in Alftavatn Grķmsnes Dettifoss Waterfall in Fjaršarheiši




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